Add A Custom Image For a Block

Do you want to add a custom image within a block on the left or right sidebars? Here’s how:

A) Create your artwork in Photoshop or a comparable image editing program. Your custom art should be no wider than 190 pixels. The height of the image is not restricted.

B) Save your artwork as a JPG, PNG or GIF file.

To Create A Custom Block On Your Site To Accommodate your Artwork:

1) Click On The Wrench Icon On The Lower Left Corner Of Your Browser

2) Click the Dashboard button

3) On the Dashboard Tab click the Site Building button

4) On the Site Building tab click the Blocks button

5) On the blocks listings page click the Add Block tab:

6) Give your new block a description and title. *tip*- If you do not wish to display a block title above the image specify the value of <none> in the Block Title field.


7) Use the insert image icon to upload your custom image to your file library and then insert it within the block body.

8) If you wish to limit display of the blogroll block to only a specific page or pages select the Page Specific Visability Settings tab and enter the paths for all the pages you wish to display the block on:

When you are done making changes press the Save Block button.

9) You will be returned to the blog listings page after submission. Find your newly added block in the disabled section and add it to one of your column regions.

10) Press Save Blocks when complete.


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