Adding Contribution Levels To Your Campaign Website

Your contribution page is directly connected to your NGP Campaign Office database and the settings you configure in your database will populate your website as well.

To add a new contribution level checkbox to your website’s volunteer form

  1. Login to your Campaign Office account at

  2.  In Campaign Office You Need To Visit Your CWP Preferences Panel:

  3. On the CWP Preferences Page select the Contribution  tab
  4. On the Contribution Tab you can control a number of settings for your contribution forms including the thank you message, header text and the contribution levels. Click the Manage Contribution Options to change your contribution levels and maximum/minimum values:

  5. Populate the contribution options with your new settings and click Save at the bottom of the screen when you are done:

  6. When you are done managing your contribution options in Campaign Office you will need to force your website to update the latest codes (or you can wait an hour for the system to pick up the changes). To force an update just visit (substituting YOURDOMAINADDRESS with your website address.) This will display a blank white screen when it is complete. Visit your volunteer page to confirm the new options are displaying.


This website contains support resources for legacy NGP VAN websites. If your website was recently deployed, please use:

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