Adding Images As Buttons To Your Sidebar

The Take Action block on your website offers a very basic display with text based buttons that link to your actionable pages:

While these buttons are clean, clear and work great some campaigns prefer a buttons that stand out a little more. To achieve this extra aesthetic styling you can bypass our existing Take Action buttons and create your own buttons for a block within the sidebar region. You can create your own buttons that are no wider than 190 pixels and insert them into your theme.

Adding Your Own Custom Take Action Block
*Create your artwork ahead of time or use one of our stock graphics at:

1) Click On The Wrench Icon On The Lower Left Corner Of Your Browser

2) Click the Dashboard button

3) On the Dashboard Tab click the Site Building button

4) On the Site Building tab click the Blocks button

5) To re-arrange blocks just drag and drop the blocks into the order you'd like to see them. To activate existing system blocks (calendar, issues, video, flickr, etc) you can drag these elements from the Disabled section to the respective region you'd like to see them displayed in.

6) To create a new block from scratch click the Add Block tab at the top. These blocks usually contain static content that you wish to display in the sidebar such as a prominent announcement, an image, or an html widget.

7) On the add block form upload your artwork and link it to the actionable form that it represents:

*Reminder – Your Contribution page is at the path /contribution, your Volunteer page is at /volunteer and your sign up page is at /subscribe.*

8) When you’ve saved your page you will return to the block listings interface. Your new block will need to be added to the sidebar with your other blocks.

9) Once you’ve added custom buttons you may want to disable your exiting Take Action block or some of the redundant links within it.



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