Adding an Online Form (New Version of NGP)

The following will describe how to add an existing NGP Online Form to an NGP website. The example below features a contribution form.

**Note** The online form must be created first in the NGP database.

1. Refresh the website to add newly created forms: Go to  Administer > Forms > NGP Forms > Refresh NGP Forms

2. Once forms are refreshed you need to add it to the website. Go to Create Content > NGP Contribution Form. Available forms will be available in the "NGP API Page" drop-down menu. This tells the site which from settings to use. The name in the drop-down directly corresponds to the name of the form you created in NGP. Select the form. Click "Save", make a note of the URL path (see note 1 below).

**Note 1** Optional: You might also want to disable Comments on the form. You can also set a different URL path. By default the path will be You may simplify the path to be "contribute". The website will do the rest.

3. Now the form is created. Next you need to make it visible in your menu structure. Clients often place the from in either the Primary Links (Main menu) or the Action Links (Sidebar menu). These directions cover adding to the Primary links (addidng to Action links is identical). Go to Site Building > Menus > List Menus > Primary Links > Add Item (its a tab top right) > Select the path of the contribution page. Click "save". Drag your menu item to its place in the menu structure.

**Note 1** URL Path: For all pages that are not contribution (and thus do not need to be secure) simply add the page name such as: "volunteer/volunteer-page-name". If you changed the path to just "volunteer" then add that.

**Note 2** URL Path for CONTRIBUTIONS: Your contribution page needs to be delivered in HTTPS. In order to avoid security warnings (sinice 95% of clients dont have their own SSL Certificate for their domain) it is very important you use the ENTIRE URL of the ngp page:



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