Administer Your Legal Compliance Information

Depending upon your state regulations you may need to modify your donor affirmation language. By default your contribution page is set to the federal requirements displayed below:

The content contained in the Legal Compliance box is pulled from your Online Contribution preferences in Campaign Office.

To modify these settings:

  1. Login to your Campaign Office account at
  2.  In Campaign Office You Need To Visit Your CWP Preferences Panel:
  3. On the CWP Preferences Page select the Contribution  tab
  4. On the Contribution Preferences Page select the Edit Content Tab:
  5. Modify the text in the Confirmation Checkbox Text field with the legal requirements for your election:
  6. Click the Save button when you are done

Your site will pull these changes from Campaign Office in about an hour. To force the changes over sooner you will need to flush your site’s cache by visiting the address This will display a blank page while the site is updated. You may then visit your contribution page to verify the information has transferred.


This website contains support resources for legacy NGP VAN websites. If your website was recently deployed, please use:

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