Attach Files To Your Content

1. Open the page you wish to attach files to

2. Click Edit

3. Enter and highlight some text that you would like your attachment to link from (example: Download Application Form, Download RSVP Form)

4. Click the insert link button.
This will bring up the properties window for inserting a link

5. On the Right Side of the Link URL field you will see a BROWSE icon.

Click it.

6. A new popup window appears that lets you find files on your computer and
move them to the server. Click the UPLOAD link at the top.

7. Click Browse, find the file on your desktop. Now click Upload.

8. With the file uploaded you will see a preview of the file or image in the window.
Click the image preview or file name to load it into the page.

9. The Link URL field is now populated with the location of your newly
uploaded file.

10. Click UPDATE.
Now your text is a link to your uploaded file.

11. Click Save in the editor window and your updated page is now saved and


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