Content Management System & Drupal Jargon Made Easy

Blocks – Blocks are content elements that appear on the sidebar regions of your website. They can include dynamic server generated content (example: Twitter Feed) or custom content (example: A static image promoting an event).

Cascading Style Sheets/CSS – Predefined styles that tell your webbrowser how to render the visual components of your website.

Content Management System – Server based software that allows you to manage and edit your site without any special software on your own computer.

Drupal – Drupal is the open source content management software that powers your campaign’s website. Thousands of developers from around the world contribute to improving the software and making it more secure, including your partners at NGP VAN.

Modules – Drupal is powered by thousands of software projects called modules. These software modules can plug into your site and provide enhanced functionality.

Pages – Pages are static content items on your site that include custom content generated by your team. (example: About page)

Panels – Some site components can be broken into multiple sections to display dynamic content regions. For example, your homepage has several distinct panel panes that display news, photos and blog postings.

Themes – A Content Management System separates content from the visual component called the Theme. You may select from several of our campaign base themes and customize the visual appeal of your selection.


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