Create An Action Item (Slide Show)

To create new slides:
1) Login as an administrator

2) Select Create Content  >> Slide Show

3) You will now be on the content editor form for the Slide Show content type.

4) Populate the Title field with the text content you wish to display. The Read More Link field can be used to link the visitor to another page on your website or to another website on the internet.

5) To upload an image for the slide press the Browse button under the Homepage Image field. Find the file on your computer then press the upload button.

6) Once the file is uploaded you will need to crop it to fit within the dimensions available on the homepage. Use the corner squares in the cropping box to focus the slide on only the features you wish to include.

7) When you are done working on the Slide Show content, press the Save button.

8) Your slide will now be in the homepage rotation.


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