Create a Facebook Page

  1. Visit

  2. Select the type of page you are creating (Public Figure for a Political Campaign or Company/Organization/Institution for a Political Organization)
  3. Complete the prompts for naming and categorizing your Facebook page.

  4. Once you’ve named and categorized your organization you can begin customizing your page.
  5. The first screen will prompt you to upload your organization’s logo.
  6. Once you have added your organization’s logo click the Edit Info button at the top:
  7. Populate the page with as many organization details as you wish to share.

  8. Once you’ve filled out all of your pages details, added photographs and links to your organization’s website you need to start sharing the site with your friends. Click on the Suggest To Friends link on the right sidebar:

  9. Add all of your friends that you wish to invite to follow the page and then click Send Recommendations.

TIP: Ask your friends to invite their friends to follow the page as well.


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