Create An Issues Statement

Adding Issues To Your Campaign Website

The issues section of your website is configured to list each individual issue item’s teaser with a Read More link to view the full issue item. To add one of your candidate’s positions to this issue listing page follow the instructions below:

  1. Hover over the Create Content dropdown menu and select Issue Statement

  2. On the Content editing interface populate the fields as highlighted below

    (Note: We can turn on a module called "Excerpt". This function automatically creates teasers for you without having to insert a break. Please contact support if you would like this option enabled.)

  3. If you’d like to organize the issues page go to (subistituting "your site" for your site name)
    • Drag and drop to adjust the issues order.
    • Click "Save Order"

  4. If you’d like your issues item to also appear as a dropdown menu beneath the Issues primary links menu populate the Menu Settings options:

  5. When you are done making changes to your issues item press the Save button


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