Embedding Video In Your Content

1) Visit youtube and copy the URL of the video you wish to embed (example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI0nFa0OI5o)
2) Navigate to your create content editor for the content type in which you wish to embed the video.

3) Enter the text you wish to appear on the page in the editor.

4) Now it is time to embed the video. Position your cursor in the general area where the video should go and click the Insert Media button:

5) A popup window now appears. Set the Type to: Flash and paste the URL of the video into the File/URL field.

6) The dimensions of the video will be auto detected and by default they will be way to wide. Click the constrain proportions checkbox and then in the width field of the dimensions box enter the value 300. This will make the video display nicely with your other text content.

7) Press the insert button when you are happy with your changes.

8)Now you need to adjust the alignment. In the content editor window select the placeholder box that signifies where your video is going. Now click the align right (or align left if you want your video on the left side).

Your video is now embedded on the right side of your content item with text floating on the left side.

9) Save your content and you are done.


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