Glossary of Blocks Available on Your Site

Blocks Available For Activation On Your Site

The following blocks may be useful within the sidebar of your site to display additional features or information:

  • CRMNGP: Subscribe – This block displays your email sign up form.
  • CRMNGP: Contribute – This block displays a contribution field and button so that visitors may enter an amount and give money.
  • Action Links – This block displays your Contribute, Volunteer, Tell a Friend & Write A Letter buttons.
  • Follow Site – This block displays your Facebook, Twitter & Youtube social network links.
  • Events: Block – This block will display a calendar of your upcoming events.
  • Videos: Block – This block will display the latest video that you’ve posted to your site.
  • Issues: Block – This block will display a list of all the issues statements posted to your site.
  • Related: Block – This block will display a list of news articles & press releases related to the page the visitor is on.
  • Flickr Random Photo From Photoset – This block will display a single random photo from your photosets.
  • Flickr Recent Photos – This block will display your most recent photos.


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