How do I create a custom contribution page?

Sometimes you want to have a contribution page with custom language, contribution amounts, or coding, maybe for an event or specific fundraising goal (end of quarter, new ad, etc).

To create a custom contribution page, log into your website, and choose NGP Webform from the Create Content menu:


This will take you to a page where you can choose to create an Email Signup page, volunteer page, or contribution page.  To learn more about email/volunteer pages, see Creating Coded Landing pages.

Choose Contribute, and then hit next on the right side of the screen.  If you see options for meta tags or XML sitemap before you hit next, feel free to ignore those for now.  

On the next page, you will have options to put in a page title, body content to appear above the contribution form, and then below that will be the form options.

(click on image to see full size)

The Attribution, Source, and Member codes are pulled down from your NGP database hourly, so if you just created a code in NGP, wait an hour or contact support requesting that your codes be refreshed.

Attribution codes are used to attribute a contribution to a particular person, source codes track contributions to the fundraising event (and in all likelihood are the primary way of tracking which page the contribution came in from), and member codes are used to distinguish which organization this contribution is going to (most organizations don't use member codes, but if you do, be sure to select the one your online contributions deposit funds into).

One example of how you could use custom contribution pages is for a hypothetical fundraiser, with a host committee of three people.  A campaign could create a contribution page for each of them, with different attribution codes, one per member of the host committee, and the source code that indicates they are all raising money for the same house party.

The amounts box below the codes allows you customize the amounts of the radio buttons on the contribution page.  If you are doing a low dollar ask, you could just have the values 5, 10, and 25 in this box, one per line, and those would be the only options, along with "other" on the resulting form.

You can also apply labels to the contribution buttons by putting in the numeric value and label, separated by a pipe ( | ).  Here's an example of creating radio buttons that should read $10 for a sticker, $25 for a t-shirt, $50 for a sweatshirt:

10 | $10 for a sticker
25 | $25 for a t-shirt
50 | $50 for a sweatshirt 

Obviously the labels can be anything, but please note that the value is not displayed anywhere if you do not include it in the label, e.g. if you only wrote sticker for the lable in the first line of the above example, people wouldn't know that they were contributing 10 dollars.

The force recurring checkbox means that every contribution processed through that form is set up to be a repeating contribution.  ONLY use this if it is VERY CLEAR elsewhere on the page that donors are signing up to be a recurring donor.

The Show Header and Show Footer checkboxes allow you to show or hide the default header and footer text set up in your NGP Online Contributions preferences. 

The Redirect URL box allows you to have the thanks page be a custom page, either on or off the site.  To edit the text of the default thanks page (crmapi/thanks/contribute), see Modify the Thank You Message.

If you are looking to make a custom URL for the page, click on the URL Path Settings option on the left hand side at the bottom of the page, you can put in whatever you want the page URL to be after in the box there.


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