How do I create a VAN event?

If you are loooking to publish an event that collects signups and your website is connected to your VAN database, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your VAN account and go to the My Campaign tab
  2. Click on the View My Calendar link on the right column.  If you don't see this, contact your VAN administrator (usually at your state party) for permissions to see the calendaring function.
  3. Next, you will see a calendar layout, with an "Add New Event" button in the top right corner.  Click that.
  4. The next screen contains the event details:
    • Type: these are event types as defined by your committee.  If you need a different type of event, talk to your data director about adding a new one.
    • Name/Medium Name/Short Name:  The full name will be displayed on the website.  The medium and short names are only used internally.
    • Date/Time: enter in your start date and end time, these will be published to the website
    • Max # shifts: Shifted events can't be published to the website currently, so set this to 1.
    • Repeat: if this is a repeating event, specify that here.  The event will publish with all repeating dates to your website.
    • Districts: for publishing to the website, do not associate with districts
    • Description: Put a brief description of the event here, this will publish to the website.
    • Location: the name of the venue (e.g. Town Hall Square)
    • Address: the street address of the venue (e.g. 1 Main Street, Springfield US 12345)
    • Contact: name and maybe phone/email of person to talk to with questions about the event.
  5. Choose to Publish to Website under the publishing options.
  6. Hit the next button once you have these details set.  Most fields will remain editable after publishing except for date, time, and shifts.
  7. The next screen allows you to choose to either set goals or not.  This will close signups for that event activity once the goal is hit.  Even if not setting goals check off at least one activity type to associate with signups.
  8. Hitting finish will publish the event to your site.


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