How do I embed a minimally themed page into my facebook page?

  1. The first step is to have a minimally themed page (no sidebars, background content, etc).  Email if you need one of these.
  2. Install the iframe facebook application:
  3. Configure your setttings like the following screenshot:

(click here for full size image)

There are three required parts to this:

  1. All Facebook pages are now in the timeline layout, so enable the wide mode.
  2. For Page Source, choose URL, and paste in the URL of the minimally themed page you want to embed.  You may want to play with the height, 1500px should be tall enough for most pages such that scrollbars don't show.
  3. Set the tab name to what the form is (e.g. "Contribute here", or "Sign up to Volunteer" etc).
  4. Hit save, and you can hit the new View Tab button in the top right corner to see your tab.

Some other optional settings you may want to consider:

  1. Use a custom image for the tab (meaning the tab image setting, not the tab icon setting).  The dimensions needed for a tab image are given right there.
  2. Enabling the share button at the top of the page (just check off the box).


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