How do I pre-populate values on my NGP webforms?

If you use forms on your website to send contributions, email signups, or volunteer sign ups, you add the following snippets to the end of the url to pre-fill certain values:

  • a= for an amount 
  • e= for email
  • r=1  will have the page default to "recurring" instead of "one time contribution."
  • f= for first name 
  • l= for last name
  • z= for zip
  • ms= for applying an additional main code, but the main code must already exist in NGP.  Multiple codes may be added, separated by commas, e.g. ms=codename1,codename2
  • v= for volunteer option (only on volunteer pages. To pre-check a volunteer option, use the volunteer code, not the description, so if the code is sticker and has the description of "I want a sticker", the value should be v=sticker.  Please note that only one box can be pre-checked)

Note: the first one of these snippets needs to start with a ? and subsequent ones need an &, like this:


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