Managing & Adding New Blocks

1) Click On The Wrench Icon On The Lower Left Corner Of Your Browser

2) Click the Dashboard button

3) On the Dashboard Tab click the Site Building button

4) On the Site Building tab click the Blocks button

5) To re-arrange blocks just drag and drop the blocks into the order you'd like to see them. To activate existing system blocks (calendar, issues, video, flickr, etc) you can drag these elements from the Disabled section to the respective region you'd like to see them displayed in.

6) To create a new block from scratch click the Add Block tab at the top. These blocks usually contain static content that you wish to display in the sidebar such as a prominent announcement, an image, or an html widget.

7) On the Add Block interface populate the fields with content as specified in the screenshot below:

8) Your new block is now saved but needs to be activated. Drag it from the Disabled section to the region you want it enabled in. When your changes are complete click Save Blocks.


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