Modify Your Site's Theme & Colors

To Change Your Site's Theme

  1. Login to your site as an administrator.
  2. Click the wrench tool in the lower left corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Dashboard tab
  4. On the dashboard panel select the Site Building tab
  5. On the site building panel select Themes
  6. On the themes listings page you can activate one of our prebuilt campaign themes. Identify a theme you'd like to try based on the screenshot on the left. To activate a theme select the Enabled & Default boxes in the columns for the theme you want to activate.
  7. Click Save Configuration to store your theme changes.

Your newly selected theme is now activated.

To Edit Your New Theme's Settings (Logo, Header & Colors)

  1. In the far right column of the theme you've activated click on the Configure button
  2. At the top of the themes configuration screen you can select your colors.
    • Using the color set options you can select from one of our preset color schemes
    • Placing your cursor in the field next to each of the color regions lets you tweak the color value for that corresponding region. You may enter a hexadecimal color value or use the color wheel to the right.
    • The color regions are as follows: Base Color - this is your background color, Link Color - the color that your hyperlinks will appear as, Header Top & Header Bottom - the top of the site is split into a gradient allowing you to define the colors for the transition.
  3. If you plan to upload a header or logo file be sure to turn off the display of the Site Name.
  4. To upload your logo or header image use the browse tool in the Logo Image Settings section. If you need a Photoshop template or sizing specifications to get started you can download one here.
  5. When you are done making changes to your theme settings click Save Configuration.


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