The Teaser Seperator

Some content types on your site are listed out in a format allowing a teaser paragraph that leads visitors to click on a Read More button to view an entire article. This method of content posting can be utilized on the News Articles, Press Releases & Issues content types.

Be default our system trims the teaser paragraph at the 600 character point but sometimes that arbitrary cutoff is not the most effective point to crop your teaser. You can use the Separator button to manually identify the teaser cutoff point.

To create content with a teaser:

1) Enter all of your content into the body field:

2) Position your cursor in the location you’d like the teaser to end and the full content to begin. Then click the Teaser Separator button:

3) Once you’ve entered a teaser separator line you can drag it and drop it around to modify the position. Likewise, you can re-select it and press delete to eliminate the option.

4) When you are done making changes press the Save button to view your changes.


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