Using The CSS Injector To Add Custom Stylesheets

CSS Injector is a tool that lets you add cascading style sheet code onto your site to tweak your theme's styles. Styles can be created for all or only on specific pages of your site.
*Technical Note* - The CSS Injector stylesheets are given lower precedence than the default theme style sheets. As a result you will need to call ID tags to override the default system styles.


To Inject Your Own Styles Into The Site

  1. Login to your site as an administrator.
  2. Click the wrench tool in the lower left corner of your screen.
  3. Select the Dashboard tab
  4. On the Dashboard panel select Site Configuration
  5. On the Site Configuration panel select CSS Injector
  6. On the CSS Injector interface click Create a New Rule
  7. On the CSS Injector Rule interface populate the fields as outlined below:


To Manage an Existing Rule
Return to the CSS injector rules listing page. On the right side of each rule there are two icons, one for editing a rule and one for discarding it.


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