What Are Content Types?

Content types are uniquely defined structures that allow you to classify your content according to its nature. By posting content as a specific type, the content management software can render advanced listings of individual content items.

There are a handful of different content types available on your site:

Blog Entry – Items posted in this category will appear on your blog blocks and pages.

Events – Items posted in this category will appear on your events blocks and pages.

Issue Statement – Items posted in this category will appear on your issues page.

Press Release – Press Releases will automatically appear on the homepage news blocks, the News Room and Press pages.

Pages – Pages are a static content type used to post custom content. They are not automatically linked in from anywhere and need to be assigned to a navigation menu.

NGP Webform – You can use NGP Webforms to create custom landing pages for Contribution, Volunteer and Email Signup Pages.

Action Items – This content type will allow you to post image slides to your website’s homepage.

News Article – This content type can be used to post announcements from the campaign or post excerpts from news articles about your election.

Video – The video content type populates a video block that can be assigned to the right sidebar, it can also populate a video gallery page.



This website contains support resources for legacy NGP VAN websites. If your website was recently deployed, please use: http://accelerator.support.ngpvan.com.

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