What Domain Should I Use For My Campaign Site?

The ideal url for your campaign website is yourname.com where yourname is the candidate’s first and last name. If this is taken you may try other variations of your name and office sought:

  • DoeForCongress.com
  • JohnDoeForCongress.com
  • VoteDoeForCongress.com
  • ElectDoe.com
  • DoeForNewYork.com
  • Doe2012.com

It is recommended that you avoid variations that substitute the number 4 for the word for as this tends to confuse your visitors.

Why .com instead of .org or .net?
The .com is the most trusted suffix for websites and it will be the first one people try to use when accessing your site.  There isn’t anything wrong with launching a .net or .org for your campaign website. While .org domains were originally intended to be used only by non-commercial entities, there is no law that prevents you from using a dot-org or dot-net for any purpose that you want.  Political campaigns, for-profit companies and many other organizations use .net and .org domains all across the Internet.


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