Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Build My Site Without Making It Public?
Yes, you can prepare your site on our server without directing your existing domain to the new web space. Your site will be accessible at a URL like where yourdomain is replaced with the primary domain address for your future site.

Are you interested in launching your site in a hurry, but only with a welcome message or links to your Contribution page? Contact Us and we can setup a placeholder section for you.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?
Once you have the keys to your website the timeframe for building the site is almost entirely within your control. A campaign can launch their website in as little time as a week if:

  • Merchant Account Forms Are Submitted Promptly
  • Campaign Quickly Determines Visual Configuration For Their Site (Theme, Colors & Header)
  • Content Is Placed & Proofed Quickly By The Campaign
  • Staff Have Dedicated Hours During Normal Business Hours To Work On The Site

A more reasonable expectation for most campaigns is to allow 2-3 weeks for preparing your site. Factoring in content generation and approval from campaign stakeholders along with timing the launch for an appropriate date the 2-3 week range works best.

Launching your site is very easy, all you have to do is point your domain to the new server and your website will be live in a matter of hours.

Can I Design My Own Custom Header?
Yes. You can download a Photoshop template and sizing specifications:

Once you have credentials for your new site you can upload your new header.

How Much Can I Customize My Site Theme?
We have several pre-built themes for you to choose from. For each of these themes you can manipulate the colors, logo/header and re-arrange the blocks that appear on the sidebar(s) of the pages.

I Already Own a Domain Name ( Can I Point It At Your Servers?
Yes. When you are ready to launch your website we can provide you with all the settings you need to change and your existing domain will resolve to your new website.

I Need To Buy a Domain Name, Where Should I Buy it From?
We recommend you use for domain registrations. GoDaddy is an affordable solution that provides free DNS services and offers a very easy to use interface. We have also enjoyed superior customer service with GoDaddy when compared to other domain registrars.

Do You Provide Email Accounts For Our Campaign?
No. We recommend using Google Apps free email services that provide your campaign with up to 50 free email boxes We also provide instructions for configuring your Google Apps email platform:

I Need To Launch My Contribution & Signup Pages Immediately! Can I Make My Site Live With a Placeholder Page?
If your merchant account has been approved by First Data and your CWP package is configured we can create a basic placeholder page on your site with links to your actionable components. Contact Us for assistance with creating the placeholder page.

Do I Need To Continue Paying My Current Webhost?
Once your site launches on our web server you can discontinue your hosting contract with your previous provider. Be sure to work out the configuration of your new email accounts and make sure that all resources on the old provider are backed up as they will likely delete your old files.

How Do Campaign Office & Contribution Processing Connect With My New Website?
Your new website can transmit Contribution, Volunteer and Email signup contacts directly into your NGP Campaign Office database. The forms will integrate seamlessly into your website with contribution forms taking advantage of our secure certificate technology.

What Content Management Software Powers My Site? Can I Alter It?
Your new campaign website is powered by the Drupal content management system. Using this powerful platform we’ve enhanced Drupal to simplify the process of launching a successful online campaign. While there are many themes and modules available for Drupal your campaign website package includes support for only a limited set. Please Contact Us if you are interested in considering features outside our normal support package and we can provide a price quote on the additional integration.

I Use a Macintosh, Will The Site Be Compatible With My Software?
Yes, our tools work on the latest Macintosh software. Older versions of Safari have been known to cause issues with the WYSIWYG editor and you may need to switch to Firefox for editing content.


This website contains support resources for legacy NGP VAN websites. If your website was recently deployed, please use:

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